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Amazon Earrings


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Brass, silver studs, goldplated


Girl Power – girl fighter in this Amazon earrings. Amazons were women warriors who dedicated their lives to war.

The girl warrior figure is inspired by the need of women to man up and “fight” in this world, so we came up with this shield – girl shape figure for these unique earrings. The whole piece is made of brass and is goldplated and hypoallergic. The circle “head” piece is a handmade bezel inlayed with enamel white, black or any other color you want. The studs posted behind are silver wires and goldplated as well.

The upper and bottom part are hinged together so that the earring can move as you move. It looks light and is easy to wear since it suits all outfits.

It is a statement earring and compliments your hairdo and completes your outfit.

Dimensions : 4 x 8 cm.



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