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Product Code : mbr24

Silver, gold plating, coin


Our Lira Coin Collection has introduced a new vintage piece with an ancient coin on a double silver band.

The whole piece is silver and 14K gold plated. The ring band is adjustable at the back to fit any finger.

Wear it as a chevalier ring on your pinkie and combine it with other rings of our collections.

The Ancient Coins used for this piece is

  • “Phaistos Disc” resembles the ancient Greek Cretan Minoan disk that can be read in a spiral direction from the outside rim to the inside. The scripts are Minoan Linear A and Mycenaean Linear B from ancient Greece, and many scientists have tried to crack the code of the scripts.
  • “Alexander the Great” was a famous Greek King of Macedon, student of Aristotle, known for his undefeated military campaign and spreading Greek culture and language all over the world.

Pick your own favorite coin and make this unique piece of history part of your jewelry collection.

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Alexander, Phaistos Alphabet

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